My Web Design Services

I offer a wide range of services in relation to website design and development. These include the following :-

Website Design and Development

A website with a unique design for your business. A standard design would feature 5 pages for example. There would be a homepage, about us page, contact page and two specific business information pages. More content can be added as required. A comprehensive website editor is included that allows you to add text and images to your site. It features a picture gallery maker, page editor and media upload capabilities.

Website Extras

You can add extra elements to your website including the following:-

Extra Content – Text, Images, Videos and Pages

I can add full written content to your website in line with your requirements. For each page I can write a minimum of 300 words of original, relevant and eloquent text where required. Extra images can be added to your website where required. I can create images, take photos or source stock images – whatever is best. More pages can be added to your website if they are needed.


An interactive image slideshow highlighting your aspects of your business. This attractive display can be added to various pages on your website.

Contact Form

A flexible contact form adaptive to your requirements. It can include details such as client name, address, email and phone. Every time the contact form is used, you will be sent an email containing the form details.

Content Management System

A comprehensive and user friendly Content Management System is included with every website.

CMS Training

Content Management System training and support during site development and completion.

Online Marketing

Online advertising and marketing set up, Google maps and Google Business set up and organisation.

SEO for websites

Search Engine Optimisation for your website. Research into your business and identification of the most effective keywords and key phrases with which to optimise your site to appear higher in search engine rankings.

Website Maintenance and Support

Problem management, email support, web marketing and advertising support. Costs are dependent on marketing budget, advertising costs for adwords and other online ad systems.

Photos and Images for your Business

I can create a portfolio of professional photographs of yourself, your employees and your business environment. These can be added to your website and also used with other digital and marketing media related to your business. A typical picture portfolio would contain 20 high quality, high resolution, optimised photos.

Logo Design

A new logo design to represent your small business, adding an extra element of professionalism and quality. I will take into account what your business does and where you want it to go, to create a logo that can push a successful, growing business forward into the future.

Business Branding

Your logo and brand is can be applied to letter headers, email signatures, invoices and other business paraphernalia to give your business the complete look across all actual and virtual media.