Content Management System

Every website I build comes with an easy to use Content Management System or CMS for short. A CMS allows you to update your site with a user friendly back-end application. Using a menu driven system you can add extra text, extra images and extra pages wherever and whenever you want. I use the tried and tested WordPress CMS framework. It is a reliable and flexible system, continually being developed and updated over many years. You can find out more about WordPress at their official website.

Add Text using the Content Management System

You can easily add text to a webpage using the WYSIWIG system – What You See Is What You Get. This process is similar to how you would use Microsoft Word for example. There is no confusing code and no difficult systems to deal with. You can change fonts, add paragraphs and insert headings easily. It’s just like using a word processor.

Add Images

You can easily upload images, pictures and photos and add them to your website. The CMS offers a simple menu driven system to transfer files from your computer, phone or tablet to any page on your website.

Add Pages

If you want to add some fresh content, you can add a whole new page to your website. By adding text and images as described above WordPress makes its easy to expand your website. With a new page created, a few well placed clicks allows you to customise the website menu and include a link to your new content.

Full Training Provided

I can provide complete training and guidance to help you use your website Content Management System effectively. With the one-to-one tuition I can provide, you will have no problem adding text, images and pages once i show you what to do. And if you are having any problems I am only a phone call or email away.