About Me

Mike Palmer of MRPdev sitting at his laptopHi, my name is Mike Palmer and I am a Website Designer. I have been interested in computing and technology nearly all of my life. This interest was successfully converted into academic achievement in 2005 when I completed a Masters Degree in Computer Science at the University of Kent. I passed the course with merit, receiving a distinction for my dissertation. Since then I have been designing and building websites for many companies, as well as helping friends and family with their computing and technology problems.

Science and technology has interested me ever since I was young boy. One Christmas in the early 1980’s I was lucky enough to receive an Atari 2600 games console as a present. Playing with this classic machine sparked my interest in technology. A few years after that, my Dad gave me my first home computer for Christmas – a Commodore 64. I have maintained a constant interest in PC’s and computers since those early years. In the intervening period since my childhood I have completed a degree in Business Studies at Brighton University and have worked for Gateway Computers.

Why do I build Websites?

This question can be answered in two words – THE INTERNET! Over the last 10 years the number of people who use it regularly has increased massively. The internet started life in its current form as a tool for people to communicate with each other at university campuses, initially across North America and later across Europe. It was used only by quite a small amount of people in the academic community. Also, the network operated at very slow speeds capable of transferring information at a tiny percentage of the speeds currently expected. Now the Internet is used by billions and billions of people and internet speeds are continually increasing. Even when I was completing my masters degree in 2005 the internet was a minority pursuit so the increase in usage has been rapid and dramatic.

But now, thanks to the introduction of broadband and smartphones, the Internet is a better and more widely used service. This larger user base of potential customers currently offers greater opportunities for the promotion of goods and services. A website is therefore an essential tool for any business if it wants to maximise its chances of profit and success. So as the demand for websites has increased as the internet has expanded, so has the requirement for web designers such as myself.