Business Logo Design

MRPdev are specialists in logo design. Your company logo is an essential part of your company image. It is the first image someone should remember when they first connect with your business and, as everyone knows, first impressions are important. So your logo needs to be attractive, distinctive, memorable and positive. It also needs to be suitably representative of your business, what it does and what its values are.

Example Case Study

A local tree surgeon needs a new logo for his business. His company is called “Obenset Tree Surgery” and he wants a memorable new logo. It needs to reflect the nature of his business, his company name and his company’s values .

I wanted to use imagery associated with the tree surgery business so the obvious image would be a tree. The chosen font would need to be a clear, no nonsense text but also one with some character.

Logo Design 1

The first design combines a traditional logo with the business name. The logo consists of a row of trees. The foliage of the last tree combines with the “O” from Obenset. The tree leaves and business name are coloured in green. The tree trunk and “tree surgery” texted are coloured wood brown.

obenset logo design 1


Logo Design 2

The second design focuses on the company name itself. How can one use the letters in the name “Obenset” creatively in order the illustrate what the business does? I used the lower case “b” to represent a tree trunk with a little conifer tree on top. I added roots to the “n” to represent tree roots.

tree surgery logo design 2

These designs would be presented to the client and then a final design decided upon. I will always present a variety of different potential logos and ideas to the client. I will always be open to fresh ideas and perspectives in the creative process. and offer constructive advice where needed. By working closely with the client we can create the best logo for the company.